Wearing Our Pop Art Hearts On Our Sleeves

by The Embassy


Information - Flipside Of A Memory - New Plans

Three tracks of uppermost class and quality, marking The Embassy’s excitingly uncertain position between their first album and the future. “Information” melts over you softly as “Flipside” takes off as the ultimate package holiday pop setting straight for the dance floor, complete with jet motors trailing the skies. Then “New Plans” hints forward for the things to come.

The sleeve is picturing a live show situation with the least popular and least successful band coming of the Manchester scene, and the back side reads a curious clue concerning the disappearance of The Embassy, written in 1924.

All this in a way capturing or not the complexes and paradoxes of a radical pop art activist duo, whose music seems to be more confidently relaxed, warm and generous the more the band is floating into violent stances and communicating in ambitious codes.


released May 20, 2004

SERV014 released by Service 2004



The Embassy Gothenburg, Sweden

For the hell of it.

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